My Story

Well….. I’m a modern woman from London but now living in the North East of England. I’m full of fun, have a beaming smile and the warmth of a roaring fire. I have been a massage and holistic therapist for 29 years, so I have listened and nurtured thousands of clients, I pride myself on my openness and ability to put people at ease. I have a spiritual side that I am glad to bring along to ceremonies, there is no greater energy than love so let’s fill the room with it!

I’m often complemented on my speaking voice and think this is due to my voice and theatre training at a young age, your wedding ceremony is my stage, and I would be honoured to be your celebrant if you feel I am the right fit.

You can’t take the London out of the girl, but I adore the outdoors, nature, the sea, music, bands, singing, dancing, food and wine. I love things with a twist, imagination, craft and design, I like architecture with character, uniqueness and style, give me glamping over camping, gin festivals, food markets and boutique hotels.

I like to people watch while sipping coffee, I like to laugh (a lot), I like to make people feel good …… oh and I love dogs!!

I will tell you a secret, I have been unlucky in love, but I wholeheartedly believe in it, I’m obsessed with programmes about it and love seeing people in it! I believe, as the Beatle’s sang ‘Love is all you need’.

I am a perfectionist, passionately dedicated to being the best celebrant I can be……. to make your wedding ceremony as special as you are. So, whether it be wellies, heels, or barefoot in the sand let’s get the party started and elevate your day to new heights!

“Love: a temporary insanity, curable by marriage.” – Ambrose Bierce

It was a light bulb moment during some life contemplation, I would even say a calling. After 29 years of being a massage therapist and 23 years of having my own business, I knew I needed a different challenge. I love helping, supporting and building relationships with people from all walks of life, I knew I had the skills to make a great celebrant.

Having found The Academy of Modern Celebrancy (AMC) I experienced so much personal growth, and it ignited the passion for writing that I had forgotten I had. Passing my assessment with 100% and loving every minute of my training I felt super equipped, excited, and ready to start my new career.

My Values

To offer every client a personalized wedding ceremony, that includes their story or information as revealed to myself through interview, questionnaire, and unlimited contact.

To treat every client with respect, sensitivity, professionalism, and to provide all services in a timely manner.

I promote freedom of choice in all ceremonies, and strongly uphold the values of treating everybody without prejudice, judgement, or discrimination, providing a professional service for any race, religion, colour, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender, identity or national origin.

To provide a service that recognises the unique personalities of my clients, being sensitive to their needs, wishes, values, philosophical, spiritual, and cultural backgrounds.