Small Weddings, A Trend? Or a Sign Of The Times?

Feb 11, 2024 | Uncategorised

Dry venues, rustic spaces, and freedom to allow you a DIY wedding day, seem more and more popular. Small wedding venues come with a certain amount of charm, offering a more unique way to celebrate. They often come with quirky onsite accommodation for up to three days. Turning your wedding into a full weekend of prep, celebration and wind-down.

From the romantic, to the wild, and unimaginable, small is definitely not any less special. In fact, with the wonderful small wedding venues around the North East of England, you will be chopping down your guest list so you can book your magical day!

The Advantages Of A Small Wedding

Clearly this must start with lower cost, perhaps the freedom to spend on the luxuries that you value, such as, better wine, food, music, and creative room decor, Smaller budgets may not only be a necessity but also a choice. You may be considering your carbon footprint, or realising spending ££££’s on a wedding day and creating a financial burden, is not the way you want to start your marriage.

Newly weds say time and time again, that your wedding day goes so quickly. Less guests means less stress! and a small wedding is a perfect excuse not to invite, distant relatives, co workers and friendly acquaintances, leaving you more time to spend with your favourite people.

Your Unique Wedding Ceremony

Outdoors, indoors, all in the same space. Sitting on hay-bales, or an eclectic mix of chairs forming your aisle. What better way to represent ‘You’ than working with a wedding celebrant that you click with. A celebrant that helps to elevate your intimate, and unique love story. Engaging with the beautiful space and atmosphere that you have created.

Data suggests that the more popular online searches are asking for “nontraditional’. Whether it be wedding dresses, or wedding vows, ‘non-wedding’ weddings that focus on casual, street style food, and Fly-on -the- wall photography.

So, weddings definitely seem to becoming less structured, less fussy and more intimate. A trend? or a sign of the times?……. maybe both.

Below are some venues in the North East of England that could offer your dream ‘micro-wedding’ with huge amounts of unforgettable!

Small Wedding Venues In Northumberland

Northside Farm, Horsley -Situated amongst the rolling hills of the Northumbrian landscape. A no restrictions venue that offers your wild imagination a blank but beautiful canvas. With a barn, gin bar and surrounding land, fairytale cottages and clamping pods.

Vallum Farm Marquee & Tipi,East Wallhouses – A fun, relaxed, country venue, located in the Tyne Valley. Offering intimate marquee and tipi weddings, with food packages using their own grown produce and cooking skills.

Barn On The Bay, Druridge – Amongst other packages, this beach side venue offers their ‘intimate’ stone barn for up to 20 people. It is transformed from ceremony, to dining, to dance space, and includes many luxuries!

Obviously, these are just a handful of the amazing places you can get married in Northumberland. As a Celebrant based in this beautiful county, I’m amazed at how many small, intimate, venues there are in the North East. If you dream it, I can help you make it happen!

Written by Isobel North, Lifesong Celebrant pictures in order by Mitchell Orr, Chris Haws and Frank, all at Unsplash.


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